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Long Time Ago

Remembering is something we tend to do a lot as we age. Are you old enough to think of those times long ago, you know 10, 50, 70 years ago?

In 2014 four items I still remember, that plane that disappeared, ISIS became well known, Michael Brown was killed and Cuba became known to all the USA. Oh yeah there were others but I think I remember those right now but then what about ten years ago?

10 years ago, well, lets see, I remember the US handed over power to Iraqi and Saddam did not have WMDs, Tsunami killed over 200,000, Reagan died and all those children in Russia were killed by terrorist.

So what about 70 years ago? About that time, uhmmm, now that was a long time ago. Well I remember we were poor, we lived on a share cropping farm and moved to another poor place in a small town near a saw mill where my father got a job separating lumber at the end of the saw log roller.

Remembering that as a farmer my parents could not see themselves making it and had to figure out a way to leave and find a way to do better. With two children at the time, no money, no place to go they folshotgun1 (2)lowed my grandparents to a job at the sawmill where a shotgun house was considered a good home. yes I remember as a young child having one pair of overalls, a pair of brogans and a plaid shirt was like a new suit. After all,¬†we went bare foot most of the time and wore a pair of torn pants as long as we could. We didn’t know back than that we were poor, after all most of the folk around us was either the same or worse off. we knew all the neighbors, shared what we had and in many ways looked after each other.

Good old times? no, as I said, we were poor, so were most other folk we knew and they didn’t know it either.
Our goal was to make it and learn how to do better and work our way out of our poor condition. We thought if we could just go to school and learn as much as or as our parents would say, “you got to know twice as much as others” to get to have a good job.

Well looking back, things in many respects were not so bad, after all we made it, we had great parents and eventually it was eight of us kids and we all made it.

Well that’s what was on my mind for this writing. Maybe I’ll add more later if anyone’s interested. Well this is about my musings. I’ll see if anyone reads enough for me to continue and if so thanks for visiting and as we used to say, come on back now…